The reason I am not covering Slayers Revolution any more.

I’m bored with it. Absolutely bored with it.

Nothing has changed from the 90’s – Megumi’s voice, her team of “comedians”, explosions, annoying characters that keep coming back to bug her, interesting intrigue…

But that’s just it, it’s all the same. Everything, every single thing is the same.

When I was just starting to get into anime seriously in the ’90s, I was quite happy watching Slayers series. I remember the first episode when Megumi’s Lina made fun of the stereotype rubbers, and then she proceeded to blow them away.

Boy, that was gold.

I also remember her tenacity fighting the Lord Shaburando, then Lord of Nightmares, and later, something else that could destroy the entire world. In Slayers Try, there was even a little bit more drama as she complained about the victory seemed so hallow.

But that was then…

I’m sorry, all the loyal Slayer fans, but I’m absolutely bored with everything so far, precisely because it’s mostly the same, and this time, the annoying enemy – now a little annoying little brat turned an even more annoying critter, and Amelia’s antics are not funny anymore.

Man, the bottom line? I’m too freakin’ old for this. Or, this just fell out of fashion in the ’00s. The world has changed greatly since the mid-90’s, and Megumi-sama, you’re not funny anymore.

Feel free to chew me out and call me a heretic, but I’m probably just talking to the wall again.

Author: Ray

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12 thoughts on “The reason I am not covering Slayers Revolution any more.

  1. I think you have it nailed…things have long since been fresh. It’s painful to admit, but they’ve become the very cliches they mocked in S1. And after 6 episodes now, I can probably count the times I’ve laughed on one hand. =(

  2. My club went in for Slayers in a big way in the late 90s. I think it was halfway through Next when I realized, “You know, this is really stupid”, and went out into the hall to hang-out with the other jaded club-members. I did enjoy the OAV/movies, a bit, though (stupid is fine in small doses).

    One glimpse at Revolution was enough for me, really.

  3. And people wonder why aren’t more anime made in the pattern of past “great” anime.

    Creation is without formula or form. Most will fail, some will succeed by luck that just happen to resonate for a time until it is exploited to the point of tiredness.

  4. I don’t really like Slayers, right after Lina conquered the first boss, the spells, everything, seems too boring, they were all the same except they were color coded. And sometimes they changed. I watch these only because I feel a duty to finish anime now.

  5. @ Sagacious1 – Yep, times have changed a lot and the same formula in the 90’s don’t work today.

    @ dm -well, stupid laughs do have their value, but not for long. That’s the reason I watched Slayers.

    @ Shin-Getter – success is a mysterious formula as legendary as that alchemist spell. In other words, what worked then probably don’t work now.

    @ Qwerty – yeah, the formula practically repeats for every Slayer, doesn’t it? Sometimes the shock value is what’s funny, but honestly, as the world has moved on, so have a lot of anime fans (otaku) from many places in the world.

    Unless you’re a professional reviewer or enjoy watching anime as a duty, I’d go do something else if I were you.

  6. Hey, people!

    I was once a person so loyal to the slayers series. I didn’t like the movies/OAVs much, but I loved the series – loved it to bits.
    So much so that I thought that making series was just their forte and they could do no wrong. That was what made it all the more disappointing to see such a series.

    Don’t get me wrong. I will never damn Slayers, Slayers NEXT or Slayers TRY. Slayers is still my favourite anime, but after Glory or whatever it’s called comes out, they should just stop.

    Viva, Slayers NEXT!

  7. @ Lei Magnus – you know, I feel exactly the same way. I didn’t like the OVA and the movies and I found Naga obnoxious rather than funny but I love the series because everyone just does so well. But they are out of their prime, as far as I’m concerned and I just got sooo bored.

  8. I liked revolution – just Because it took you back and woke old memories by beeing like it was back then; just relax, quit beeing skeptic and enjoy it. (it might have ruined a lot if say Lina and gauri were married and had children?). 😛

    Those pets that have surfaced in movies (starwars, anime fillers, you name it) is crap but that might be what young people likes to watch nowdays, I will never get why they add something that will make you remember something bad from the movie. They could have removed those two compleatly and no one would have missed them.

    Watch it with someone who have not watched Slayers before (like a hot girlfriend) and you will enjoy the Anime a lot more. Tho she had a comment at the end; “Its his fault thousands died. And now lets forgive him? They should roast him alive”. Wich is a valid point.
    Well, the only fun part with him and the pet were that they compleatly ripped of starwars lightsaber fight. I wish they could have made amelia eaven more of a fighter for justice wich were the only part they did not manage to copy from the old anime.

  9. @ Tra – but how can a true Otaku like I am get a hot girlfriend to watch it wit me? XD

    You know, it probably has its merits, but so does just about every creation out there. Glad you still enjoy it. For me, having seen nearly 500+ titles since the ’90s it’s really hard to just drop the cynicism.

  10. Look brah, as someone who hadn’t seen Slayers in the 90s and decided to pick up on Revolution’s first ep I had such a ridiculous amount of fun I can vouch for it being Slayers itself, not the 90s style. If it’s all really so tired, the lack of inventiveness is suspected to be at route for all this. The show itself still stands on its feet quite strongly, I can certainly envision how a good eighty eps of this would wear it down though.

  11. I’m going to have to agree with you. While I do enjoy that they’ve cleaned up the animation (it only got better with every season) it really is a lot of the same old. But my issues with Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R are that it’s that the creator couldn’t come up with anything new in terms of plot twist and story line. I hated Rezo the first time round. I actually find the first season a bit boring. To me, the animation and storyline twists only got better as they went on. Now I feel like we’ve reverted to a hacked up storyline that not only includes nemeses we’ve ALREADY met. (I mean how ’bout the OTHER dark lords? We never got a sniff of Dynast or Deep Sea, or heck let’s go to Wolf Pack Island) But to come back with Rezo and Shabranigdo, and let’s throw in some Pokemon-esque main character to top it off? IIIIIIIIIICK!

  12. I didn’t even know they went back with the oldest plot in the series! That’s terrible.

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