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The reason I am not covering Slayers Revolution any more.

I’m bored with it. Absolutely bored with it.

Nothing has changed from the 90’s – Megumi’s voice, her team of “comedians”, explosions, annoying characters that keep coming back to bug her, interesting intrigue…

But that’s just it, it’s all the same. Everything, every single thing is the same.

When I was just starting to get into anime seriously in the ’90s, I was quite happy watching Slayers series. I remember the first episode when Megumi’s Lina made fun of the stereotype rubbers, and then she proceeded to blow them away.

Boy, that was gold.

I also remember her tenacity fighting the Lord Shaburando, then Lord of Nightmares, and later, something else that could destroy the entire world. In Slayers Try, there was even a little bit more drama as she complained about the victory seemed so hallow.

But that was then…

I’m sorry, all the loyal Slayer fans, but I’m absolutely bored with everything so far, precisely because it’s mostly the same, and this time, the annoying enemy – now a little annoying little brat turned an even more annoying critter, and Amelia’s antics are not funny anymore.

Man, the bottom line? I’m too freakin’ old for this. Or, this just fell out of fashion in the ’00s. The world has changed greatly since the mid-90’s, and Megumi-sama, you’re not funny anymore.

Feel free to chew me out and call me a heretic, but I’m probably just talking to the wall again.

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