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Tetsuwan Birdy Ep 03 – The feeling of mediocrity isn’t going away

I think I’m infected with the cynical reviewer disease. I guess I’ll try to be fair then.

To me so far, this seems like a show using a concept that we don’t see that much in anime, but it’s certainly not revolutionary.

An interstellar police is trying to catch criminals but in the process, a commoner on this common earth gets hurt, and in order to revive him, she has to get him involved somehow, and in this case, she simply inherits his body.

Of course the boy is in love with a girl, in this case Sakamoto Maaya’s character, and of course, some daily hijinks ensue.

One dramatic moment is Birdy’s robotic partner dies in this episode (spoiler? Who’s actually watching this show?). I’d love to see just a little bit more emotional expression and sadness, but I think the flashback is effective enough. The guy who shares the body with Birdy doesn’t have to say anything, though.

You know what my problem is ( as if anyone cares)? It’s that I’ve seen so many anime finished and unfinished, if something doesn’t wow me (is that allowed in the blogsphere), I simply don’t get excited and unbiased about it.

Nothing is particularly exciting or catering to any special tastes here. I guess if you’re a seiyuu fan in general you’ll appreciate the cast.

Even the important fight scenes don’t seem that inspired. But honestly, if you can catch this one, give it a shot. The concept and everything else about it hails back to the earlier days of anime, and you may even appreciate this one.

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