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Tari Tari, Kokoro No Melody, natsukashii school chorus

Tari Tari is such a nice show. Very heart-warming. Full of natuskashii (nostalgia), sehnsucht, or saudade. It’s rather slow-paced—I sometimes fall asleep in the middle of an episode—but it’s very iyashikei (therapeutic). Yes, it’s close to Tamayura, another iyashikei anime. I would have liked an OVA version rather than a TV series of Tamayura. It was really good, especially the BGM, sung by Maaya Sakamoto and Megumi Nakajima.

The three main female characters look like the girls from Hanasaku Iroha. Wakana looks like Minchi, Sawa looks like Nakocchi, of course with her oppai, and Konatsu looks like Ohana. Konatsu has almond shaped eyes, and distinctive chestnut-colored hair. And she is chibi (short), but energetic. I love that kind of girl. And with the two male leads, there is a badminton guy, Taichi, and a guy who lived in Austria and then just came back to Japan, so his nickname is Wien (Vienna).

And Konatsu and Wien are weirdly synchronized. That cheerleading chorus is too weird when they are cheering for Taichi at the badminton competition in the Episode 5. They are like a wife and a husband, or bakkapuru (baka + couple). Idiot couple. They remind me of Isaac and Miria, the bakkapuru from BACCANO! Their synchronicity level is abnormal.

Ah, that music, that ED chorus from the Episode 6 is just amazing. So awesome, with a retrospective of Wakana’s deceased mother. Oh my Gosh. Beautiful. Kokoro No Melody. It made me tearful.

The piano is just awesome. I love this type of piano accompaniment. I know I grew up in Japan and went to Japanese middle school and high school, so this type of music is embedded in my psyche. Yes, every year we always had this cliché school chorus competition (合唱コンクール gasshou concours), where we had to choose the songs we wanted to sing in the competition. I remember we did Kato Kazuhiko’s song, Ano Subarashii Ai wo Mou Ichi Do. Kato Kazuhiko was the legend who wrote Do You Remember Love?, and Nakajima Megumi sang that at AX2010!

School chorus is totally natsukashii. Yes, wearing school uniforms, working with a girl you have a crush on, and that’s the only time you can talk to her naturally without any awkwardness. It’s the most valuable time to get to know her. That community spirit, a class becoming one literally, working hard for the same project, staying in the classroom after school until the evening, listening to the cassette tapes together, figuring out which notes you will be singing. This anime so reminds me of these days. When a chorus really gets harmonized, it serves as a proxy for oral gratification, becoming one with her indirectly. Indirect kiss, indirect skinship? It’s more like invocation. My voice and hers get harmonized, though too many voices, but like only one sperm can reach the egg, my voice forestalls all the other voices and reaches her voice in my heart.

Also, when my crush happened to be in another class, then, I would root for her secretly, though I had to cheer for my classmates ostensibly. But at the gym used as a concert hall only for this specific day event, I saw her along with her classmates on the stage performing together, and then I only looked at her, concentrating on her mouth. Then, the voice exuding from her vocal cord vibrated my eardrums. How ecstatic… That sensation…, yes, ear sex. Her beautiful voice was coming out from her cute lips that I was eager to press my lips on. Lack of skinship induces more than necessary fantasy. Maybe that’s why I was into chorus that intensively. That’s all I could do in a skinshipless society.

But you know, I noticed my crush was talking to a piano guy more than anybody else. That intense jealousy led me to conclude that I must learn musical instruments! But private piano lesson was something only bourgeois kids could take. So I taught myself guitar instead as a working class kid. And one of the reasons I got into guitar was that I wanted to play these school chorus songs at a picnic since a guitar was more portable, and invite my female classmates (more natural excuse to invite my crush) and sing with them. But this dream never came true in Japan. So I still dream I want to be a picnic or campfire guitarist, and I want to play a Tokimemo song, or Kono Ki Nanno Ki with full chorus.

Thus, I want to do Kokoro No Melody (Live). Of course with piano, but I need a pianist like Gendomike, since I can’t play piano myself. And of course, I want to play this at a picnic too, but this time, I’ll accompany on guitar, in order to regain youth, especially my long lost high school years!

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