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Suteki Tantei Labyrinth 01 – Well, let’s mix them all!

OK, the story goes (I’ve listed thoughts are drifting through my head when I watch the show in parentheses) –

In a post apocalypse Tokyo (humming music of Akira while thinking Godzilla), strange and unexplainable crimes have been happening (thinking Edogawa Conan fighting Aika without the water), and a certain boy with special abilities (back to Akira again) can somehow solve the crime by “seeing”and “hearing” things (kind of thinking about Darker than Black).

We see a girl assassin fighting “dolls” (thinking Darker than Black), we see a strange crime scene with lots of bullet holes and we’re told that the dead people don’t have any holes on them (thinking Grissom from CSI frowning). Some school kids come and stumble into the mansion that the blond detective young man lives, and later this young blond boy glows like an angel (thinking about the cheesy special glowing effects in “Touched By an Angel”, and thinking the BLOND boy is the Angel of Death”).

Despite all my sarcasm, I don’t see this as a bad show, it’s just doesn’t strike me very hard as a good show. The music didn’t particularly hit me, the characters are decent, but I was surprised that Horie Yui plays the girl assassin (her voice acting isn’t bad), and at least the first crime is facinating – bullet storm but not one person is hit with a single bullet. However, it seems like there are some rather abnormal reasons for that. If that’s true…Then I won’t find it very interesting.

I mean, come on! If it really is anything supernatural than I get the feeling of “been there, seen it”. I would really be intrigued if that will not be the case. I mean, I’d be very interested to find out how is it that a bullet storm goes through a narrow parking lot but none of the victims are hit.

So anyways, again no scores from me. I’ll watch another episode but I don’t think I’ll follow it.

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