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Yeah, I’m back. Not forward, not sideways, back…har har har. Not podcasting make Ray a lame joker. Anyhow, let’s get on this week’s watch.

KissXSis 5 – OH MY GAWDDDDDDDD…It’s hentai, it’s hentai, it is hentai! Big-breasted glasses girl pissing herself? Then Kota cleans her mess, smells it and imagine…Oh god I don’t want to know. But pissy fans probably loved it. But yeah OK, I was cheering for it – LEAK! LEAK! LEAK! Think Buzz Cut encouraging B&B – she actually leaked – the show delivered the embarassment and I was shocked to see it. Yeeeewwww…But hey, it’s pushing the boundary some more.

Senkou no Night Raid 5 – Intriguing, kind of funny and have good pacing and humor. Interesting spy-ish show.

Mayoi Neko Overrun 5 – Spoiled kid gets affirmed. Otaku pamperage. Still OK to watch and no brains needed on this one.

K-On!! 5 – B O R I N G good watch. I’m not kidding. It’s a good boring episode that’s filler…Oh wait, that’s right. I do watch it precisely because it’s a filler show with moe blobs. Yes, I DID enjoy it.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 5 – Always a good ecchi and always like these girls. The dude now gets a dragon; not in his pants and not a dragon slave up his ass. That rules!

Shin Koi Hime Musou 6 – injecting deadly seriousness, weapons and comradeship into ero-game cum (heh heh heh heh) anime and we got a real inspiring watch for a lazy guy on a lazy day. More and more girls and more and more action, not to mention moesu!

B Gata H Kei 6 – I got the episode number right. Goddamnit, it’s hard to remember the numbers. Anyway, Yamada gets a rival. The comedic over-characterization is fun and Kinjo is really just a big idiot, but so is Yamada. That’s what makes the show fun. Idiotic romantic moves and school comedy. Yes, watch it!

Kaicho wa Maido Sama – Misaki gets worshippers! 5 brothers with the same face and the same voice over! Forget having just Guri or Gura (from Detroit Metal City)…or better, add gure, guru and guro and you have 5! Usui is really just being a shojo bait and that does not resonate well with me. If this show gets more shojo-y than I’m dropping it.

Canaan – like I said, recently watched anime and not only anime of this season. Great action, good girls-love in contrast, add some plot and a scary coincidence with the recent market SITUATION NORMAL ALL FUCKED UP. Well, in the case of the show it was orchestrated…Who’s to say the snafu on Thursday wasn’t orchestrated? Anyway, add heavy-hitting seiyuu to the mix and it’s a winning show. Can’t figure out the plot? Feeling very confused? Don’t think, feel. I mean it. You’ll get everything after enjoying the ride all the way to the end. Canaan VS Female Shiki VS Male Shiki would make an interesting 3-way deathmatch.

Pictures? That’s what brought us down in the first place! Thanks, Facebook apps! Thanks, silly hackers! I will put up screen shots once our issues are completely solved. Oh and hackers…Dude, seriously, we have made personalities pretending to be real audience, we have no revenue and we have very little bandwidth and audience visit. There’s nothing here. Go fuck with someone else.

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