Slayer Revolution ep02 – Odd little guy, not really Naga caliber.

So we get to know what the little guy is, at least a little bit.

We also get to see some small bits of information that hints to what may be really going on behind the scenes.

My take is that the kingdom that sent the investigator is really going for a war again its neighbors, and the little creator is involved – I’m not going to talk about more of my observations on that or I’ll probably spoil the plot.

I really don’t see Okui Masami credited anywhere and hence I’m not sure if she sings the OP with Megumi together. But listening to the OP once more I’d say I was a little more judgmental and harsh than last time.

Hey, I got more cynical and jaded than in the ’90s, when I first watched Slayers.

So Lina seems even more dominating and just a little more psychotic in this one. This time, she’s ready with Dragonslave and some other powerful spells at the drop of a hat. There’s a move sinister glint in her eyes.

How the average Otaku’s taste has gotten spicier. No long does mere Lina-style yelling and quacking satisfies without the promise of utter carnage at every turn…

I loved it! I was hoping for a Gigaslave….Oooooh…Ray’s been good but Ray didn’t get his Gigaslave….Damn…

But for me, who began with the TV series and not the OAV, I love the crew. Even though something has definitely changed since the ’90s…

Oh I’m just getting old.

The little creature has the power that Naga wields, or in other words, Naga always uses counterattacks to Lina’s attacks, for example: Lina uses flare arrow, and Naga uses freeze arrow, and so on. But he’s really not funny at all. I’m really more a fan of the TV series than the OAV, especially when I heard Naga’s laughs, I turned away from being a fan of the OAV. I’m sorry, but hearing her laughing for 5 minutes is excruciating.

In any case, a misunderstanding involving Lina, and obviously a potentially huge international event that may turn into apocalypse level, with the same beat and the same colorful – indeed, Slayers is back!

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