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Sketchbook episode 1 – Full Colors – Full of laughs?

Well, not quite. It’s a quieter version than a lot of “slice of life” shows/comedies (how many slices of life can one have? Har har har har). I’m not a big fan of piano music or classical music, but from I heard, the music is nice.

Mike will like this one. Makino Yui, the pianist turned seiyuu, acts and sings and plays the piano in this one.

Also, this one isn’t terribly exciting, but it sure is nice and calm. Adding some characters with interesting little quirks, especially when it comes to drawing, and well, we have another quiet little school comedy/possibly drama on our hands.

I do have to admit, I was bored for the first half. I got some chuckles but nothing impressed me much. The animation does look like in fact, purposely simplified in some scenery shots to make it look like art work with water color or painting or something, but nothing apparent.

Of course, I wasn’t super impressed with Azumanga Daioh either when I saw the first episode. But it was faster paced (if that’s even applicable) than Sketchbook. Still, the character quirkiness in this show is interesting enough.

Once again, it’s not the main character that’s the most interesting, but the others. The girl, Sora, in fact doesn’t even speak much, and have an obsession with capturing images only on sketchbooks.

The fun part about this show, is that everyone has an obsession or a quirky trait. It kind of feels like Honey and Clover (from the 1 and half episode I saw), but it’s way more serene.

No recommendation on this one since this is usually not my territory. I think Mike will write more about this one later. But give it a try if you like some quiet laughs and a peaceful school life.

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