Sekirei Pure Engagement 1 – shaping up to be exciting!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…Or, OH GIRLS! MORE AND MORE GIRLS! For every Otaku need, there is a sekirei suitable!

The episode starts out with a loud bang and girls destroying stuff, old fashioned superpowered females beating the crap outta the army, navy, air force, super!

The song is OK, sounds exactly like a second season’s OP. Especially if it’s a second season promised with more intense action, plot, character developments, decisions, entanglements, as well as twists and turns. Did I say anything substantial so far? XD

We get a quick re-introduction of the girls and then we get the not so subtle hint about possible additonal girls joining the harem. Adding a little bit of erotic kitchen mayhem, traditional Japanese style, some interrupted ero play, some tension between Uzume and Kagari, and we ride on to the second half.

Minato has some premonitions in the bath and Musubi joins him, which results in the water explosion when the others are added to the mix. On the other hand, a sekirei and an ashikabi try to escape the city and gets easily killed. Benitsubasa, the pink-haired, violent woman on the punishment team decides to have a little fun.

Finally, the final boss declares that the action is going to get intense.

So, toss all the ingredient and spices into the cauldron and we get what we want: SEX! AND VIOLENCE!

Enjoy the screen caps.

P.S. anyone else noticed that they paid attention to drawing the girls’ feet and toes as well as their muscular structure? It’s those little details that make the show that much more worth watching.

P.S. For me at least, the summer begins with a strongsause right for my taste!

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Sekirei Pure Engagement 1 – shaping up to be exciting!

  1. Ok… you have me interested… now I have one thing to ask.

    …Do I need to to watch the first season beforehand or do I just grab a box of tissues and run with it?

    1. I don’t think you really have to watch the first season – you can probably just read about it somewhere. As for tissues…that’s up to you! XD

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