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Rosario to pantsu Vampire

I really don’t understand why this was one of the most anticipated shows of the season.

The concept of monster schools has been done countless times, the earliest I remember was Shaggy and Scooby in the Monster School (yes, that’s an AMERICAN reference). But seriously, if you read the description of this anime here at hashihime’s, you pretty much saw the first episode. However, let me drop my jadedness and pretentious high brow criticism and ultra pickiness and…

PANTSU! PANTSU! PANTSU! The fan service here is cool! I mean, it’s nothing like Aika, and no more near the pantsu potential of Najica, but these pink and white panties are hot! Moka (Mocca? I’ll have a cup! Ha ha ha…) chan is kawaii and as standard as any pink-haired magical (or monstrous) girlfriend as her million incarnations before, and you know the other great thing about her?

She’s an Abyssal One.

No I didn’t lose you there. The ogre said: “…That gargantuan yoki! ” Yoki? Gargantuan Yoki? I remember Clare (Claymore) saying that Riful has incredible yoki, too. And Riful normally don’t change into something non-human.

Well, Mokka (‘and her skin is the color of…’ actually, it’s not mocca. Once again, ha ha ha ha ha…) doesn’t change into a monstrous form. She just gets light colored hair and different color of eyes…

But yeah, she’s the “magical girlfriend”, after all. What’s with that kick after the transformation anyway? So we can all drool and say: “She kicks high?” like that OK Xbox commercial about Dead and Alive? I mean, we saw enough pantsu shots already! Give me some substance!

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