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Rokyubu, Blood-C, Yuruyuri, The Idol M@ster, Ma Nyuu and Sacred Seven

That's right; forget naked cartoon tits, we got pussy, BOY!

All right, it’s been a while but let’s get down to business!

Rokyubu – Children friendly! Yes, that’s right! Or at least, elementary school children friendly but not 14 year old girls. Why? Because we see shima pan on Hasegawa’s friend and just white panties on his sister. But no, I’m not complaining about those. As for the kids? Well, aren’t they just adorable??? I wanna hug them and kiss them and hold them and get fuzzy-wuzzy with them…

Or not, unless I want some Nazi-ass loser NGO people on my ass. Then again, I don’t see many of them fighting for any woman in Africa.

Anyway, touching, passionate and awwwwwwwwwwwwwww………..(moe earth explosion power!) so cute. I say: Why not?

(Because the creepy factor exploded through in episode 6, that’s why! Damn lolicon anime! Cover your eyes!)


Blood-C…(oh shit you’d better get ready for this one….)WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCKE is with these non-moving extra heads hair that are tenge wing look likes on this Saya’s shoulder??? And why does the owner of the care look so much like Kai from Tsubasa Wings (duh)?

But, hell yeah! Nana-chan rules! And the great animation helps a ton!


Yoyoyuri – BANZAI! BANZAI! YURI BANZAI! GIRL’S LOVE BANZAI! Yes! They are ALL desperately wanting to love each other! OH FUCK YYYYYYYYYYYYEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!



The Idol M@#$#r – Boring, boring and more boring, and….WHY THE FUCK HASN’T Kugimiya Rie said: “HENTAI DAREN”??? Hentai, dou-hentai, HENTAI DAREN!!! God damnit! This show is sooooooo boring when it doesn’t use the camera man mode! But it has Kugyuu so ganman ganman (endure, endure)!



Ma Nyuu – It sure scares the whining little boys away.



Itsuka Tenma no Kurouusagi – NO, IT DOESN’T ROCK MY SOUL. And damnit…

OH MY FUCKING GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY! I mean, shit, Daitou dies like, every other second or so that it gets tiring. Plus, not only he’s pretty weak, but he is a moron through and through. Oh, and the music tries to imitate Kajiura…Pleeeeeeaseeee…And these bishonen pisses me off.




Sacred Seven – The first couple of episodes really got my blood pumping. I was never properly educated in classic hot-blooded shonen stuff and many giant robot / fighting spirit guys have been trying to initiate into ultra-uber-manlyhood (fujoshis: do NOT get the wrong idea)! And this one almost works out that way…until episodes 3, 4, and 5, which got a little boring. Oh and…


WHAT!!!!! HOW MANY FUCKING POUNDS FOR THAT GEM??? Good GOD DAMN it’s expensive to fight some evil rockS (and maybe sackS)! I mean, sheesh!

I do love the fights and the music is properly done by Kajiura, but the title for the OP…Come on, STONE COLD???? I mean, when Fiction Junction finish singing: “Stone cold…” I always follow with “Steven Austin!” I mean, seeing the translation of the lyrics and I went, what the fuck does it have to do with stone cold (NOT Steve Austin), really?

Will continue in part two with R-15, No-6 (what’s with numbers?), Kamisama Dolls, Nekogami, Mayo Chiki, Blade and Kamisama no Memocho.



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