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Rideback 5 – good sci-fi drama (which is hard to come by these days)

I wanted to say something earlier but of course, life gets in the way…Anyway…

Newtype? Wing Zero? Coordinator?

You know, actually, the mechanism presented in this show makes more sense. Fuego is a new secret (prototype) machine with powerful capabilities and one of them including better jumping and it just so happens that Lynn, the feminine ballad dancer, actually gets on the machine and not afraid of it. I thought this was more like a newtype scenario where she had special sense of this kind of machine. Of course, don’t forget, White Gundam was specially built and there were indications that it was built for Newtype anyway…

Alright, done with the Gundam jargon. So Madhouse isn’t just capable of sword fighting animation but also mecha, racing and military hardware. Excellent work. However, these machines are still rather ugly looking.

“To average civilians, these are just autobikes with arms.” I believe Colonel Romanov said that in the show. However, I perceive them as FUGLY “armed” autobikes, for a lack of better insult.

Mizuki Nana can voice act. That calmness outside holding the fiery passion within is really appealing.

You know the funny thing is? CGP the ex-terrorism group took over the world quickly somehow, and now they’re being attacked by terrorists. Ironic? Maybe in Rideback world, everything comes in circles after all.

I still see the title as porno-like, sorry.

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