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Ride Back 07 – Now that’s a plot! (thumbs up)

Having not actually seen many Sci-Fi movies and read not too many books, I can’t say if it’s a good twist and turn. But I sure enjoyed it all the same.

Normally, the top dogs in the government don’t get into incidents involving crazy teens driving amok. But in this case, the GGP are basically using Kenji and the rest of the gang as well as the incident as the scapegoat an as an excuse to ramp up “national security” using rideback machines. It’s more like a prelude to military governing. Then again, with Romanov (God, it just had to be a Russian) being here, it’s probably more apparent than I realized. Those of you who are used to better plots (perhaps in Sci-Fi) probably guessed it already.

Now, GGP kept Lyn around. Why? At this stage, that doesn’t seem to matter as much since she’s now at BMA (pronounced Booma – as in same pronunciation of “Boomer” in Bubblegum Crisis – a tribute?) and so, what will happen to her?

Let me take a break and describe my thoughts here: a ballad dancer who’s brave enough to get on a mecha and charge in to save her friend and brother? That’s not quite realistic enough for me. Adding the fact that she seems to have special ability to pilot some sort of special mecha, and having the leader of the BMA saying that she’s got abilities and we have –

Coordinator! Newrtype! Shinji????!!!!


Ooh, sorry. She’s nothing like Shinji (Mike, it is NOT anything like EVA). But yeah, something here suggests something not quite Sci-Fi (I mean, unless works like Star Wars are categorized as strict Sci-fi…enlighten me if you would please). Hell, Decker has no special powers, just that he’s (thanks a lot Mr. Scott, for making it overtly clear) a replicant. But in this case, we’re not clear if Lyn has a “power” and if Fuego is an “Alex Gundam” (yes, I feel proud throwing Otaku references like an alpha geek).

Next, why did GGP keep her?

I think they wanted to use her for testing purposes. Having her brother in lockup they can force her to cooperate. But anyway, that could’ve gone a number of directions. Now, why does BMA want her?

Is it the same deal? They want to use her powers?

The plot thickens? I think so. Let’s see if this turns out to be the great show of the season.

P.S. Finally! This remind me of the Weird Al song –

“She drives like crazy! (Zoom! zoom!) Like no one else! (Zoom! Zoom!) She drives like crazy, and I’m afraid for myself!

They’ll put you behind bars
We’re not playin’ bumper cars
Did a great figure eight
In the middle of the interstate
Tires squeal wherever we go
Even hitchhikers just say no…”

How oddly appropriate somehow…

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