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Ray’s impression of Macross Frontier…

Why so short? Because Michael has already reviewed it.

All I’ve got to say, and I’ve got to say it now is Michael sou uke (har har har to our very own Mike)…I mean, Mihail sou uke! But Alto will take the first plunge (heh heh heh heh heh).

Minmei in this show is ugly as hell.

Macross cocert, a Chinese restaurant.

Reprising the old. It’s even more obvious when they actually mentioned how the entire saga came about.

Too many bishounen will make it Gundam-like with guys doing each other in the asses in doujinshi. Oh well, that sells.

Oh and Alto? Is GRAVITY getting you down? Do what Amuro Ray, Char, Camille, and countless other classic Gundam pilots do! I know you’re going to anyway.

I hate the ending song. 80’s BANZAI! STUPID REMIXES Saiyaku! Saite!

Zentradis on drugs? Possibly.

One thing that lacks in the Macross franchise is the lack of great opponents after the first series. Now we have Aliens (don’t we always), but I love the CG. The graphic is breath taking as always.

Oh and, Michael…I mean Mihail is still Sou Uke (sneakering)

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