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Ray’s impression after seeing the trailor for Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne -ムネモシュネの娘たち – onesan-tachi TO Boin’


Yeah, bonerfide indeed. But fortunately (or thankfully) that doesn’t seem to be all there is to this show.

For a complete description, go here and here. When I first saw the description, I knew I had to check it out. The trailer certainly didn’t fail to impress me. Not only the story looks like cyberpunk without the machines, but it also seems to infuse elements from horror/survival games, spy elements, psychological examination, action, women fighting, some sexual elements, and a cast that includes Tanaka Rie and Kugimiya Rie (Rie VS Rie Team), and Noto Mamiko. Here, Noto Mamiko’s sexy and breathy voice fits perfectly as she talks about the story.

Looking at the background, I got a sense of the city in GitS, except in an older sense – it’s as if this story in a sense could take place about 50 years before the world of Ghost in the Shell begins. The soundtrack in the beginning is amazing. It gave me a sense closer to Silent Hill than resident evil. There doesn’t seem to be any creepy or scary things jumping out at me, but the creepy factor comes from the odd observation that Rin Asōgi is making.

The second half of the trailer offers something that I personally likes – adult (not AV) like themes like sexy torture, girls fighting and other finger-licking goodness…Oh wait, that is kind of like AV…Well, maybe an action/thriller graphic novel game.

In some senses, take away the creepy music in the first half and this simply appears to be a sexy thriller and not much else. I certainly didn’t understand the flying “balls” (saying spheres is no fun) with some strange elements inside. Are these Ether particles? Are they some kind of spirits? Are they mutated Dragon Balls? Who knows!

The entire trailer gives off a spy/supernatural/thriller graphic novel animated feeling. But with this cast, and more mature themes and no school boys and girls but mature men and women…and women…and sexy torture (yep, maturity tastes goooood…Wow that sounded creepy)…Ahem. Action and intrigue, I think we have winner on our hands. At least I’ll be following this one (I can hear “cliched” from some of ya, but we’ll see).

P.S. I wonder if this would have something similar to that movie “Memento?”

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