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Railgun was the highest hope anime of this season, yet, I don’t see any skinship friendship between Misaka and other three, Kuroko, Uiharu, and of course our hero Saten-san!

Railgun is a Sex & The City middle school version. Four girls in a scientific town tackle problems. Oh yes, I really love female relationship. I mean, female skinship friendship, (of course, I love Yuri too, but purely friendship is what I’m talking about). That’s what I’m really into. And Saten-san, Level 0, yes, that’s like most of us proletarians, have-nots. She is representing us in this anime, while other three girls are highly advanced. Uiharu is a genius computing scientist, while her supernatural ability is just Level 1. But her intelligence is IQ 200. Kuroko is Level 4, and Misaka is Level 5, and there are only five Level 5 people in the world. So, to include Saten-san in the anime was a very clever choice. She proves that she can also be useful while the society judges that she is just a Level 0, no ability or talent at all, unproductive, unmarketable, useless dreg of society. This Academic City is too Nazi social darwinist. Yes, screw that society!

Physically Saten-san is most advanced.

But this season of Railgun, only Misaka is a protagonist. Other three friends were just side-characters, or extras at worst. They aren’t the main characters anymore. Acutally, the first season of Railgun, the four girls were the main-chacters. It was like they were all co-protagonists. But now, only Misaka is leading the plot, which is not what I expected. It’s all about her clones and find out the truth about the illegal human experiment like Nazis. Where are the other girls! I mean, the story is okay, not bad, but it’s more heavy and cruel, not as bad as Attack on Titan, but still cruel, a lot of extreme violence, yes, Tarantino would love to replace Nagai Tatsuyuki, or as if Kitano Takeshi is directing Railgun. This is not what I’m expecting from middle schoolers, other Toaru series weren’t this violence and gross. It’s like Battle Royal, but at least they are high schoolers.

So, I want to see more girly interactions, and that’s what made Sex and The City so interesting. What do girls talk among girls? Yes, girls talk! Oh yes, what they talk is pretty hilarious, that’s what I’ve f0und out from Sex And City and Railgun! And Railgun, girls friendship is really cute and superb.


And the most important is Saten-san. Sex And The City, they are all highly achieved professionals, but Railgun, Saten-san is the only ordinary girl while the other threes are genius. Well, she is in the lowest category in the city. So, I always have a point of view from Saten-san, I kinda identified myself with her. Oh, yes. Watching Marimite, I identified myself with Fukuzawa Yumi, the only commoner at that traditionally all girls Catholic school for aristocracy, Lilian Academy. And Miska and Kuroko go to an all girls school, and extremely elite Tokiwadai. And Saten and Uiharu go to an average school, yet this is still a school in Academic City, so it must be very high level for ordinary Japanese. They already teach Heisenberg’s theory. But, Saten-san is so behind, so Uiharu always helps her catching up. With a little help from my friend! So, Saten-san is still my hero, a working class hero is something to be! I want that moment in this season as well. But so far, where is her heroism? Make an ordinary girl a hero in this season too! She was the true hero in the first season. I also miss Saten-san’s comedy, that she lifts up Uiharu’s skirt and check a color of her pantsu. The famous German line of “Wir Harl Chant Panz Heidelkart?” that even Wolgang Goethe couldn’t conceive.


This sister series is too frustrating. I want them all gone. It’s just dragging too long. Is this season entirely dedicated to the sisters? That would be utterly boring. I don’t care about them. This clone thing, nothing new, I already watched Schwarzenegger’s film, The 6th Day. The concept is nothing new. Just show me friendship like the last season. I understand the production team is taking a different approach, but I already know the outcome since I watched Toaru Magical Index already. So, it’s already spoiled. So, why waste time? Why can’t they do a different story? Or the anime original like the last season?

What made Railgun outstanding from other shows was school girls friendship! That’s why it was a masterpiece!


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4 thoughts on “Railgun and Sex And The City

  1. Have you read the manga? the sister Arc is a big part in the To Aru universe that induce characters that will become a big part in Index and Railgun later on.And dont forget Railgun is the side story of Index explains Mikoto side of the story with other thing.They had to go in to the Sister Arc or the later on the story wont make sense.( there is a time line to all this you you know)

    1. @jrdragon2006

      I don’t read manga since I don’t want to get a spoiler. I haven’t seen any heroic action from Saten-san, and also other girls too. Where are the co-stars? I have watched two seasons of Index and I found Index is not that interesting compared with Railgun. The first season of Railgun was a masterpiece, and I’m expecting the same superb quality from the second season, but possibly that won’t happen if the sister series occupies the entire 26 episodes. Maybe they can do the sister part for three episodes then move on.

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