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Queen’s Blade s2 02 – Holy $%$^@ attack, Batman!

Can I say it? Can I really say it? Well, it’s…




I knew nothing about the characters’ background in those book so I did not know what Melfa did in those books…But wow….I mean, just wow…

I’ve always felt that Queen’s Blade is rather outrageous at times and oddly laughable at other times. I mean, I love it – what’s better than a bunch of hot women warriors going on their quest and sometimes fight each other? I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter how many times someone lose, they can always come back and fight again later so your favorite gal doesn’t just disappear altogether!

Always ready for more fan service, in this wonderfully feminine episode, Tomoe and Listy get naked. Something like underground matches are set up, and people with ties of hate or friendship are fighting each other. Who will win? Watch and find out!

BTW, if you want more tentacles, you’ll get it. If you want a nun doing hentai things, you’ll get it, and for anyone who craves Listy’s hot and powerful bod and a little bit of feminine muscles, you’ll get that. Want a topless Miko? Well, you’ll get that! Finally, loli pantsu? What did you think?

Fap alert! Fap alert (yes Mike #2, I’m talking about you)! And this is the episode that starts with the sentimental music, which in S1, indicated less fan service. But in season 2, that’s outta window! Also enjoy Kugimi’s sexy singing performance at the end!

Additional notes: not a lot of plot progression in this episode despite being another 13 eps season, but that’s not surprising. Aledra’s scheme is working but I have some reservations for the target she chose for her ploy.

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