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Queen’s Blade S2 01 – My Staff and Rod shall be your comfort

Queen’s Blade S2 starts out quite differently from season 1 by filling the episode up with intrigue and intentions. As most of us know, it’s a service show borderline hentai that caters to men and some lesbians mostly. It is not for most people. In fact, one of my friends who recently started watching a lot of mainstream stuff downloaded the fan sub of episode one, season one, and as soon as he saw Melona’s milk attack, he turned it off.

It is easy to get distracted by the moments where the female warriors get naked or flirting with one another or gets shafted (you wish it were that Shafted) by an evil staff AKA Krauser III’s penis that can transform into anything, even tentacles, but looking past all that (I didn’t) and treating the characters and their personalities as just characteristics, you’ll see the valiant effort by the writing staff to produce a fantasy story beating with a real heart (that helps your throbbing penis), as well as an epic music piece at the beginning (that softens the stroke). One must remember that in a world with female warriors, covering up every inch of their (luscious and milky) bodies is not the primary concern; life and death and mobility is. Metal armors are simply not flexible and women, at least most of them, fight with speed, agility and flexibility (oh yes) as their primary weapons. When it’s women against women, it’s pointless to wear thick and heavy armors because that would only slow them down.

It is natural to have broken armor or torn clothing during fights. Just because it’s women doesn’t mean everything would stay on despite fierce clashing of swords (thank god clothing fall off). It is distracting and most people who can’t handle the truth thinks it as merely sexed-up action. But the truth is, if a person is fighting for live, even if she were a women I doubt she’d care about exposure (not in this case, anyway).

As for the plot, we finally learn that the reigning Queen is possibly more sinister than she first appeared. However, as most anime veteran probably noticed (if they actually watch it) that she’s not fully in control of everything. There are devils manipulating behind the scene. These devils aren’t from the same camp as the minions of the Witch of the Swamp and as of now, their goal isn’t known.

As for the warriors, everyone has her own agenda and some are grand, others seem insignificant by comparison. In life, our goals differ, but each person’s goal is important. When interests clash, friends turn into foes and love turns into hate. Sometimes it goes even more complex than that; as defeating your own sister may help her to see your point of view. But in any case…


Plot, great voice acting, good animation and naked women. what the fuck more do you want? Oh and there is a loli and a shota, sheesh, it’s like a buffet for everyone! Just cave in and dive in yer hyprocrites!

Episode Rated: 3.5 strokes out of 5

Additional notes: oh and, the archbishop of Melpha’s religion is Dante…a wink to Dante the inferno maybe? Send me to hell immediately!

Uh…There were men? Men aren’t needed!

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