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Princess Lover 10 – Train? Really?

Yes, I’m aware that perhaps around that “imagined” region from Russia to “Hezelink”, there are no flight paths but seriously? The only reason the kidnapper is taking Charlotte back by train is so that there is enough time for 3 episodes. Oh yes, in the show the villain says that information is released to lure Teppei and to kill him. It’s a good plot to make up for the otherwise pointless train ride, not to mention hearing the wonderfully womanly  moaning of Tanaka Atsuko behind Josephine and the nipples and butt crack of Charlotte…Oh wait, can we say D V D? So yes, for the girls’ goodies, you’ll have to wait for the DVD.

I’m surprised so far at how this summer-service show isn’t like some summer-service shows in other years, where they got pretty bad animation-wise and plot-wise (Akikan). I mean, yeah, there are animation drops here and there but it’s merely a blip on the radar. The show is likable for being a service show. Oddly, all the more powerful fan service are just appearing now – as in Hojoin’s airbrushed out panties, Charlotte’s mist-obstructed oppai missiles and so on.

Of course the hero chooses the girl who is a real princess and as the real Koopa takes Toadstool, our hero is reluctant for a variety of reasons and all the women left behind act in their character capacity in order to please fans for tsundere, Queen, and Mother-maid get the man back on his feet.

For lovers of decent eroge anime, this one isn’t a bad choice. I’m watching it because of the voice acting and of course, those nice and big melons. But that’s mostly it. For something industrial strength, I’m waiting for Queen’s Blade season 2.

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