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Princess Lover 07 – Melons can’t stop Nuclear Missiles

Or plots to incite conflicts among small nations. Of course, in real life tiny “Non-Eastern-European” nations won’t have the resource, not to mention the contact to get weapons-grade plutonium – but feel free to correct me. Onto my thoughts.

The last episode officially made the show into a harem competiting for one hapless youngman story. So they’re just going to continue in this path, right? Well, thinking that this show is based on a eroge/bishojo game, I completely forgot how Japanese game makers were quite innovative and imaginative.

So here, we get some serious plot going: the people that killed Teppei’s parent aren’t going away; they come back to kidnap the real princess ( I guess she’ll be with him at the end)!

Go Mario! Go Link! Go, Japanese sword-wielding Samurai-cum-knight!

From this point on, all that’s left for me to enjoy is probably the fight sequences, which I hope they can pull it off well. The overall animation has been decent but it’s the CG age or at least the Computer-aided age. I’m not having my hopes up but hey, I’m watching it for Yuzuki Ryoka and Toyoguchi Megumi‘s voice acting and those wonderfully large melons their characters display fashionable outfits those girls wear. Gosh, I’d love to sleep on their oppai pillows soft and royal beds so I can get a good night’s sleep.

Go and save the princess!

(nice phone dropping animation at the end of this episode.)

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