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Potemayo special 1 – size doesn’t matter.

Because it doesn’t make Potemayo less funny, in fact, it totally knocked me over onto the floor and laughing pissing my pants.

Well, at least she’s soft and warm, and maybe Sunao can “draw it out”, just like what’s implied abou Yasumi when he needs to get it out (or get off!).

We see a huge Potemayo; we see a huge Potemayo accidentally eats Sunao’s head; we see that Potemayo is a wholesome show that people of all age can enjoy.

Sunao sees his dead grandpa and discovers the truth about the universe.

Many said that life and other stuff flash before one’s eyes while he or she encounters death.

Don’t forget about the revolving lanterns…Death can be strangely near without Guchiko around.

What can I say? There’s just something funny about Potemayo…

Maybe it’s the comic timing, maybe it’s the sexual innuendos that runs rampant throughout the show, maybe it’s because at the end of the day, most of us who watch the show and love it actually secretly wish to have a little critter like Potemayo around, and go through life watch Guchiko and Potemayo fight using scythe and psudo-Karate kid style Kung Fu, and later, everyone’s happy, recovered, and laughing.

Simple laughs triggered by little critters (moe tribbles) are the best medicine to a complex and ever changing life with your (or my) share of assholes running around trying to ruin it all.

This special is 99% recommended for your daily anime diet, and a great buy – the entire series, that is. Now only if I can find the DVD release here in this country…).

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