Potemayo 8 – Pote-Pan and Tori-James and Love is a wonderful thing

“Once again, I watched an useless anime.”– Ryhubei (OK, that’s me). But heh, it’s funny, funny!


Even I cannot resist the power of running around little strange moe-tribbles getting into extra-ordinary situations – what I meant was something wacky.

Plot? What plot? What, don’t tell me you watched this for a plot!

Remember I talked about the “cons” (complexes like loli-con), well how about a recap and ones that I seem to have forgotten to write down:

Sunao-con: What Potemayo has toward Sunao (obvious)

loli-con: What Mudo has toward Potemayo (way too obvious, as Karou, the big dude that’s always hanging around Mudo thinks)

Mudo-con: What Karou has toward Mudo. He spews blood from his nose seeing Mudo’s ass and he can’t get enough of Mudo wearing a cheerleader uniform. “It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting, I know, but…” I think Karou’s dying to come out of the closet.

Ane-con: What Yasumi has toward Mikan. This time, he pokes her in her left breast.

Kyoko-con: What Guchiko has toward Kyoko. Guchiko can’t have a conversation more than 5 seconds with Kyoko before blushing and fainting.

Nana-con: What Nana’s brothers have toward her.

Really? Is that all? XD


In any case, in the first half or the first mini-episode in this one, Potemayo and tori go on a shopping trip, much like what Chi is told to do in Chobits, but since there are two, I thought about that animal show that was wildly popular in Japan and in Taiwan – Pan and James. In short, Pan is a Chimpanzee and James is a boxer dog, and their trainer, Miyazawa-san asks them to go complete different tasks ranging from shopping to catching beetles to birth cake delivery. But these two are never left alone. In fact, Miyazawa-san always secretly follows these guys and worry and look after them. If the mission is too hard for them, sometimes Miyazawa would interfere. But that doesn’t happen very often.

One line of these CCM songs goes: “God is watching us from a distance. But he’s never too far away.” That one’s just for a reference.

In Potemayo, there obviously are no deities, except “Death”. But death is a funny little tribble just like Potemayo. And death has a Kyoko-con!

Instead of saying, “pantsu, pantsu,” we have “honi, honi”. But oh wait, it ain’t gonna be that easy. And Moriyama trusts the little critters enough to let them be on their own.

Guchiko of course comes out of nowhere and stomps Potemayo on the head on her way of escaping from someone chasing her.

Potemayo joins the chase, and as I often like to say, chaos ensues. In this case, chaos destroys the efforts that what I call the “Seinfeldish Three” try to do. Fun and games and good times.


Of course everything ends OK and Potemayo successfully shows her affection toward Sunao. Good times, good times.

More good times happen in next episode when Mudo starts to discover that he has feelings toward Nana, the woman with words that bites, or in Taiwanese terms, “poisoned tongue.”

Of course when he tries to show affection toward Nana, both he and Karou lose something, and she’s happy as a clam.

Guchiko goes on a rampage to defend Kyoko’s honor, but she cannot defeat Nana, “the Flowing Wind”.

And Oh My God! They killed Mudo! And a lot of other guys! You bastards!

Good times, good times. Yeah, it’s fun. Very fun. Good times, good times. Not to mention all the slight sexual innuendo stuff going on, and Nana tells Mudo what Karou thinks about going to death with him. Good times.

Well, it won’t be so bad if Death were Guchiko.


72% recommended for your daily anime diet. 88% recommended for a dessert after a serious meal like say, Claymore.

Author: Ray

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