Papakiki! Honor thy father!

What an amazing new anime! Papakiki, or Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai (パパのいうことを聞きなさい!”Listen to what Daddy says!”) Honor thy father! Kikinasai is an imperative form of a Japanese verb, kiku (to listen).

OMG! This show is Loli Heaven. A divine show for Lolicons. Ah, because a Loli is so small, she has to look up high to see the main character’s face. And that angle, ohh, so kawaii! Yes, Loli also includes yōjo (幼女 “little girl”). Yes, pre-shōjo. Preschool girl or kindergarten girl. See how wide-ranged Loli is!

Ah, their cuteness reminds me of Lily’s Disneyland Birthday Surprise. Yes, I really want to have a daughter now! So cute, almost an angel. Children, especially girls, are very angelic. In turn, I absolutely don’t want to have any son at all because I don’t want to have any kind of patricide. I never want to end up like Fyodor Karamazov, or Ikari Gendou in our generation. In fact, all dudes are fathers, even though some of them don’t have children. As long as they have penis, they are potential fathers. Yes, potential father-killers/mother-fxxkers. But there has to be only one Father. Thus, leads to Hobbs’ war of all against all. That’s why I don’t want any dudes around me. Yes, it’s a fear of patricide that makes me not want to seek marriage or civil union, an institution to raise children. I always fear, “What if I happen to have a son?”

Yes, The Brothers Karamazov is indeed “Fyodor Must Die!” But Papakiki is a reversed Karamazov. So yes, The Sisters Karamazova! No tragedy whatsoever. Fyodor never dies, but smiles eternally with three cute daughters! Daughters are the road to eternity!

Besides that, I hear how tough to raise children. I’ve seen a couple of mothers gone to hospital for that. Yup, work 24 hours a day. So, child-rearing in 3-D is extremely harsh. In turn, these 2-D children, Lolis, are like pets. Their helplessness, especially, when a Loli can’t blow a toy trumpet, oh Gosh, my head explodes! “Kawai-suguru (overly cute)!” I can watch this show as if I’m taking care of my own pets. You don’t need to suffer from enormous stress and social responsibility of 3-D. And indeed, the main character temporarily takes care of his older sister’s daughters, i.e, his nieces, well some of them are not his biological nieces. But, the thing is that it’s temporary. Yeah, a part-time baby sitting. Not as a full-time parent but as an uncle, which is so idealistic to have fun playing with Lolis!

This show can start a new moe genre, Niece-Moe. Or 姪萌え (mei-moe). Or even cuter, 姪っ子萌え (meikko moe). Yes, that can be a revolution! But they have to address me as onii-chan (big brother), even though I’m their biological/legal oji-san (uncle).

So yes, rather than having a daughter, a niece is much better! In 2-D, of course a daughter is fine too! Ah, how much I want to say to Lolis, Onii-chan No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai! (お兄ちゃんのいうことを聞きなさい!”Honor your brother!”), which the Ten Commandments should’ve included. In short, nii-kiki! Thus,

Honor thy onii-chan!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

5 thoughts on “Papakiki! Honor thy father!

  1. I couldn’t get into this show, to be honest. The fanservice scenes with the nieces were a bit too much for me. It does kind of remind me of the time when I used to hang out with some of my younger cousins though, when I was a teenager. They were the closest I had to younger siblings and it was a lot of fun—we watched anime together once I hit college too and played video games and did other nerdy otaku stuff. Very fond memories.

    I kinda like the girl he meets at the start of episode 1 though. I wish there were more scenes with her but that’s not really the premise of the show. :-p

    1. So, you aren’t a Lolicon thankfully. 🙂 Ah, that’s cool, hanging out with cousins, watching anime. I wish I had female cousins to hang out. I hesitantly used to hang out with a dude cousin out of courtesy, just to behave right in the eyes of his parents when they made a visit. Yes, I was expecting that too, that Haruhi hairband girl. Getting nervous in front of the mirror was so cute!

      I thought this would be a good show, but after episode 2, it got really heavy, very 3-D. For me, forcing Lolis to go through traumatic experience is unacceptable. So, I aborted it.

      1. I haven’t even bothered with episode 2. I heard about what happened in the plot, and well, I actually don’t necessarily object to tragedy but I just have problems with the premise. There’s lots of better shows to watch this season.

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