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Nogizaka no Himitsu 10 review – Krauser II style! [Rated R]

[Disclaimer: If you think the show is sweet, you may want to skip this review…You have been warned!]

Blood Stained Campus

Summary – Detroit Metal City Style:


That pussy -boy Yuuto wakes up in the morning, and he has one thing on his mind – rape Shiina! All you fans of this gut-retching bloody show knew that, right? Yet, what you didn’t know was that Shiina wanted to cut off Yuuto’s sausage and dangos and deep fry them for breakfast! Oh you knew? Well, who gives a shit about you anyway, you pig slut!

Oops...I dropped my flask...

However, during the process, Haruka the stuck-up princess from hell who pretends to be kind to everybody -Fuck! Like that really happens-  snuck up trying to douse these indecent infidels with hard liquor and light them on fire, but she’s too god damned nervous and she dropped that bottle! What a dumb whore!

Here's the ice pick, don't blow it!

She runs away, and Shiina pretends to be really nice and tell Yuuto to go after her, but what you didn’t see was that ice pick that Shiina hands to Yuuto in the show!

(I can't, I'm Negishiish!)

Yuuto, that pussy boy doesn’t have to guts to gut Haruka, and she escapes!

Next day, Haruka pretends nothing has happened but in reality, she sends her minions to where Yuuto’s parents/guardians live and burn them with gasoline! That’s why we never see his parents!

Boin! Boin! BOIN!!!!!!!

Yuuto sees Haruka in cosplay and he’s hot and horny as if he’s from hell, and he’s determined to publicly rape Haruka, so he goes after her to find her, but Shiina wants to have a publicly 3-some, so she asks Yuuto to do a “folk dance” with her!

Damn...I want my 3-some!

Yuuto does not feel like publicly raping Shiina and gutting her like a tuna and prepare human sashimi afterwards, so he goes on to find Haruka. Shiina plans her next steps of boiling the entire Nogisaka household together with Yuuto and the teacher in a large cauldron, with those men in black as side dishes!

Where is she? Where is that pig slut?

Ah, fucking hell. I’m getting sick of doing this slice by slice. Let’s go to the end…

Let's kill everyone after this

And Yuuto finds Haruka and they perform the dance of death, malice, hate, bestial sex and all other unimaginable horrors from hell and afterwards, they’ll go publicly rape everyone on campus and stain the campus with blood!

The end. Now go suck Jeremy I mean Jagi’s colossal Otaku penis!

Ray I mean Krauser III’s review:

Shit. Why the inferno hell did I watch something that would make my fucking eyes bleed! God damn sickening sweet sack of shit worse than my alter ego would write in his penis-hairdo stage! Oh devil! It’s Japanese teenagers, they should’ve fucked like rabbits long ago, in public! I mean, I invented public rape, so why doesn’t Yuuto perform 2 public rapes in one? Step aside, pussy boy! I’ll do it the right way!

Yeah, like Shiina really wouldn’t use tricks to get him to stay. Come on you pig slut!

Now Haruka’s little sister looks delicious on a grill, does anyone want rice omelet with blood on it to go with that?

I’d stuff these pig sluts with drugs and hard liquor and publicly rape the hell out of them, under the Tokyo Tower, and afterwards, I’ll go rape the Tower, too! Fuck!

[OK, a proper disclaimer – above statements are comedy bits inspired by Detroit Metal City the animation and they’re not real at all. Now, kids, remember this, most Japanese animation feature nice boys and nice girls going to school, obeying their teachers and parents and doing their best in academics, just like their real life counter parts. As for other animation, these are not real and people in Japan do not rape, kill, and take drugs or shoot each other with shuriken and or guns in Japan, OK? So if you want to imitate anything, that’s you and your parents’ problems for not being enlightened as the Japanese. Blame yourselves.]

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