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Nijuu-Mensou no Musume ep 13 – nice guy, just abandoning everyone again.

Finally, 20 Faces is back and he saves Chiko from the white hair demon woman. End of the arc, and now the adventure that belongs to them happens, right?

Wrong. He goes away, abandoning Chiko and Ken, because he wants to end the evil himself.

I dunno, sounds noble but seriously, giving up your friends and people who love you and want to stay with you doesn’t sound like a great idea to me.

But hey, this is a show about Hirano Aya’s Chiko, so it makes more sense to get rid of the show-stealing 20 Face, right? After all, Aya-chan’s character must increase (her time) and 20 Faces must decrease (his time).

We get to learn the past between the white haired woman and 20 Faces. It’s really sad how obsessed she gets and how easily she misinterprets things between 20 Faces and her.

I guess it’s just that a woman gives up her body but once she changes, he turns away, not that he really cared about her in the first place, but he really just cared about doing the right thing.

I dunno if this episode correctly depicts the difference between the thoughts of men and women, but something doesn’t quite work here.

Aya-chan gives an excellent performance even though she doesn’t have that many lines. Her voice has definitely matured up somewhat.

I can’t speak much about the emotional impact of the episode but I do think this is a decent episode to watch.

What’s Chiko going to do now?

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