Nijou-Mensou no Musume ep02 – grow up faster!

I can see why Aya-chan wants to challenge this show.

She has to act in a young, and yet pretty intelligent voice (which she kind of does) and then she’d have to act smart, sexy and grown up. That, I can’t wait.

In this episode, Chizuko learns to be part of the gang, wards off an attempt of a bounty hunter trying to catch the Nijou-Mensou, and grows up a little bit.

I felt the character is smart and strong, though not quite standing out, but at least her voice isn’t like your usual Hirano Aya voices. Quite a tough girl, too.

Not a complaining bitch, not a spoiled brat, does whatever work she can find, and eats salty crappy rice soup. I kind of like a girl who doesn’t bitch and whine too much.

She’s rather talented as she seems to learn how to throw a knife quickly.

Now, here’s something I really despise – once again, like how most anime portray the Chinese – treacherous, cheesy, weasel-like – this fucking show does exactly the same, oh and don’t forget, the Chinese in here wears that Qing dynasty garbage, just like all stereotypical old, ’20s American movies.

Here’s a tip to all these dumb animators:

take a tip from the Macross series, or actually, don’t. Take a tip from real life and stop portraying the Chinese as traitors while your Imperial Army raped and killed a lot in the past; but your textbook mentioned very little of that.

I’d love to see these ’80s Taiwanese soaps that portrays the Japanese in the 1940’s like who they were – murderers that treated everyone else in Asia like dogshit.

Let’s see how you like that. Stereotyping isn’t cool. Don’t you get it? Nah, you wouldn’t, because it’s Japan.

Other than that, it’s a decent show to watch. I would have to say that I’m not particularly impressed but I think the acting is decent.

Let’s see what happens next. Go Aya-chan!

5 thoughts on “Nijou-Mensou no Musume ep02 – grow up faster!

  1. I loved the episode, but I agree with you 100% about the stereotyping. When will they yank themselves up from the 1930s to the 2000s? They’d better, for their own sake. Of course, Chinese portrayals of Japanese have to avoid the stereotypes, too.

  2. @ hashihime – yep, it goes either ways. I don’t know about China but at least in Taiwan they don’t do that stereotype any more.
    I like the intelligence that the characters are showing. It’s the studio that needs to exhibit more intelligence when it comes to portraying people from different cultures.

  3. I really don’t see the problem here. Pretty much every episode has someone lying or cheating. The liar this episode is a Chinese woman for no other reason than because they were in China at the time.

    Or do you think Chinese people should be exempt? Be given special treatment?

    They are famous thieves; there is a big bounty on their heads. What the woman did was certainly reasonable in her circumstances, not the least because she had no reason to help them. Such is the way of the underworld.

  4. @ Vallen Chaos Valiant – I do admit that in this case, you have a great point. It’s just that all the anime featuring the Chinese people stereotypes them. See Ranma, Battle Athletes, and other works. Ultimately, it goes both ways. If your people ever gets featured in an anime, unless you’re Japanese, you will be stereotyped. But I agree that in this circumstance, the environment and the scenario justify the outcome.

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