Mm 03- you cannot knock down this loser!

I know, I know, this is a cheesy plot – Arashiko happens to bump into her abuser from the past and becomes traumatized once more.

However, this is a show for Otaku, so hey, it’s all good. I picture our very own Mr. LaMoe in the role of Tarou and he gets so pissed off about that motherfucker who abused Arashiko, that he goes and challenge him to a fist fight. Even though the asshole is an expert in boxing.

In real life? The girls would’ve protected the asshole. No, seriously. That’s why we have abused victim complex.

Today, we have Mio cooking Tarou on an open flame. Then some crazy antics happen.

But the show is clearly aimed to please us, so Tarou stands up and takes many shots from the asshole. But hey, he’s big M and he can’t fall down. Dude, that’s way awesome. All boxers fall down sometime. But you know who never fell down (even though it was a fiction)?

Jake La Motta. Now, having Tarou, some loser Otaku/M guy doing the same, is like a big pat on our shoulders. At the end of the day, we who don’t have girlfriends, hate men who abuse women and are angry about the women who still love them.

But that’s life. We all know that really happens.

So perhaps I should become abusive?

3 thoughts on “Mm 03- you cannot knock down this loser!

  1. I really didnt like mm! when i saw it yet for some reason its the most popular anime around, can anyone tell me just what is it about that show that seems to get people’s attention. let me guess more ecchi.

    1. @ Teresita – hmm, good question. Well, there actually is little ecchi in this show. It’s more about the main guy Taro getting his ass beat up by pretty girls. It’s kind of funny seeing him in trouble every week. But the interesting factor behind it is that the characters actually have backstories! No, it’s not a great show and it caters to Otaku of a different kind, but at least it tries to have substance.

  2. Haha, grilling with kotatsu! Who would have imagined kotatsu would be used for SM play!!!

    Ah, I really miss kotatsu. Kotatsu with mikan (tangerine), I really wanted to flirt with a girl, flirting with feet under the kotatsu, but I never had a chance. Yeah, these girls instead flirted with assholes. Yeah, that’s real life. In reality or 3-D, abusive macho jerks seem to be irresistible to girls. Nothing different from apes.

    Stand up, Tarou, stand up Joe! Double M!

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