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Mariaholic 6 – AYA-CHAN!


Now see, why the fuck would I care about some show with a cross-dress cosplayer…excuse me, a plot where the main male dresses as a girl because his “beloved” grandmother wanted it?

H i r a n o A y a! Duh.

I wasn’t expecting Aya-chan in this show. I mean, the show funny, right? But chibi humors don’t make laugh any more. The humor that I would love is DMC. Anything that doesn’t go to DMC doesn’t tickle me laughing nerves. But thank the gods, she appeared as the little sister of Mariya (yuck, sick bastard that I’d love to skewer on a stake like Count Dracula did in Romania) and she was simply the ojosama that I’d love to tickle and pick on (ijiwari).

But all that aside, this show has one thing that is going for it that’s simply awesome:

Great voice acting.

Damn, all the people do very very well in this show. I mean, perhaps comedy is easier to act in, but they do a great job.

As for Aya-chan…Well, maybe because I like her, I’m more critical, but I think she was just all right. It’s that Mariya “chick” that does the best job as the devil. Of course, when Kanako gets picked on, I wanted her to just smash Mariya and that maid with a bat. God I hate those two sickos, but hey, thanks to Aya-chan, the episode was saved (just for me. I’m sure everyone else loves this show severely).

Hey, I’m a fan boy, and I love Aya-chan, so the episode was great. As for the fan service…What fan service? This is a evil shojo-style manga. It’s a no-go with me.

Anyway, if Aya-chan doesn’t show up again, I’m not watching this again. Not my cup of tea. Gimme Candy Boy and Strawberry Panic any day.

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