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Ladies vs Butlers 6 – Flat Service

This season seems to be “enriched” by two characters from two different shows. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu’s Hideyoshi and Daichi from this one. The former is causing a ruckus in the blogsphere that’s making many flocking to the nearby dude that looks like a lady and confessing their love for misandrogyny, and the latter is probably part of the triggering mechanism alongside with Mimina, the resident loli-character in Ladies vs Butler, for pistol salutes.

Even taking out all the good nudity (for me, it’s the Flameheart girl that’s doing it right) and the service for loli-fans and flat chest fans, the show still makes a strong impact with it comedic timing, superb eye-catching moments. In addition, it’s never boring and when it starts to drag, some little thing would happen. The thunderously clumsy Kagami is a great comedic device. That’s right, she’s more of a device than a real character. When the tempo goes down, send in the clumsy big bosom maid!

Watching Kugimiya Rie defining the flat chest tsundere with another spin, I wondered if flat chested women in real life honestly care about the size difference. But here, as her usual self, Rie does a fine job showing Daichi’s insecurities as a flat chested tsundere, just without the twintails..

With each character doing his or her job right and add a dash of good chemistry, you have a fun-packed episode 6 that’s having me laughing at each moment.

In any case, if you like flat service, you shall get plenty for your fapping pleasure.

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