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Ladies vs Butlers 5 – pleasing…

…Myself? Well, I could’ve if I wanted but I was laughing too hard to think about that. Besides, this isn’t hentai. It’s just showing all the goodies without dumb censorship (watch the ATX version). Blu-ray, here I come!

Uh…I meant, I will buy the blu-ray when it comes out…I mean I will go to the store and buy it. There’s nothing related to coming…

Ahem. On with my thoughts.

Why do certain fan service shows work for me? I can’t say for certain but I think having great character chemistry really helps. Blunt fanservice is easy; having interesting characters that makes the audience care is immensely difficult. I’ll admit, there’s so much fan service in here that by the end, I stopped caring. However, the comedic moments kept coming (yes, coming), which is why I stayed in my seats (without doing what you think I’d be doing) after the obligatory hot spring scenes. Hey, after all, if they stay in a school for the rich, forget about going on a hot springs trip; bring the hot springs to them! No need for extra scene on the bus/train at all! Saves some production budget!

But the animation is not bad. I’ve noticed no degration or weirdly drawn faces that painfully stood out. That’s what matters to me. I don’t need to check everything frame by frame to make sure it’s perfect. Perfect animation doesn’t always equal to a perfect delivery of a package. Especially if the package is rotten.

With something for every Otaku man and fan service fan (read: big breasts lovers and flat-chested lovers), not to mention superior voice acting by Kawasumi Ayako, on top of an ecentric cast (do check out the thunderously clumsy maid and her strip frenzy sister), the right comedic timing and all around fun without any pretentious attempt to make “art”, this is a winner in my book.

8 pistol salutes out of 10 on this episode.

Additional notes: this could even work for yuri fans if you’re a yuri doujin artist! The Selnia & Tomomi pairing is hot! With Tomomi as the crafty and smart character, the amount of material would be endless…

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