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Kurozuka 05 – Epic

One hell of a breath taking ride.

It was while watching this episode, did I realize the power of sounds and music. Things wouldn’t have worked so well here if the music and the sounds (including the sickening sounds of poor, starving men gets tossed down the drain like waste, while dancing the sickeningly “water ballad” of drainage).

As far as overall, plot, I’m still not sure what’s the ultimate point of this, except that the Omiyuji from Heian Era has been trying to obtain immortality or power, and the underlings he recruited, like Hasegawa, has gone pretty much insane and are trying to destroy what’s left of human race.

The anime apparently has decided to forgo some segments (like WWII and present day), and just goes to the future.

Plot aside, the scenes are epic, the battles and conflicts are intense, and the portrayals are simultaneously beautiful and sickening at the same time. A poem has been written, and it’s up to Madhouse to finish it right.

But they’re getting kick-ass serious, and you can be sure I’m buying the DVDs/ BD (?) for sure. The animation is gorgeous and grand. The stage is set for infinite eternal battles, and the music sucks you in.

I recommend watching this on a huge LCD/Plasma screen with surround sound speakers/senheiser turned on all the way. Or you’re just missing out (I only have 20″ ViewSonic panel for PC and Logitech headset for Skype, and I was a believer)

for those who are confused, look at the segments closely, and you will not be so confused. First segement, Hasegawa is doing experiments with people, right after that, Kuro remember his time with Kuromitsu (Romi is hot), then Kuro goes to the underground organization to meet someone who has seen and served Kuromitsu, and the Omiyuji’s organization in the modern day attacks. Simple enough?

Thankfully, this hasn’t degraded into Highlander TV series, where the flashback jumps all over the place and enemies comes from any time period.

For Kurozuka – WATCH IT NOW! If you like dignified great drama with a touch of Sci-Fi and great time travel drama. Miss it and you shall cry.

I should mention the beginning sequence of the “Genom”, “Tyrell” tributes (IMO) is spectacular. Like I said, anything that evokes my feelings for the ’80s well is going to get a 100 points score from me.

Just watch it.

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