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Kurenai – an odd show that I cannot put my finger on.

Is it supernatural? Is it Jidai (period) style drama? Is it “kid messing up a young man’s life”? Is it “secret organization and assassination”? What is it?

I don’t know. But I do know that the OP looked like South Park X Zetsubo Sensei. X CG (in whatever order you think is appropriate).

The story involves some teenager – Kurenai Shinkuro (played Sawashiro Miyuki – Shinku) seeming with some super powers and can someone to some distance place…

A 7 year old girl – Kyuhoin Murasaki escapes her “prison” inside her rich home with Beneko (what, another Beneko), and being placed under the protection of (right, not Rozen Maiden).

I didn’t know they have uber traditional rules for women at this day and age in Japan, but somehow, seeing the Japanese Imperial family, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

All the ultra rich people in Japan has kanji-filled names, like Sanzenen. (Nagi) or maybe that’s just for anime’s sake, because I’ve never met or heard a Tokugawa…except for some chain restaurant owner (?) in Japan. One of my student was Oda (with the right kanji, too, but she knew nothing about Daimyo, or Big Name, referring to famous feudal lords in the warring era). I’ve never met a Toyotomi, Takeda (Shingen), Uesukin (Kenshin), or Sanada (Yukimura).

Ahem. In any case, this is a quite interesting drama (I don’t think it’s action) about a certain girl meeting a certain teenager…I think.

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