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Kanamemo 10 – Moe Blob love

In today’s episode, for all loli and moe lovers, Kana runs around and worry about another small thing between her current family members, whom are girls, among which I want to be. Honoring the classic sitcom tradition, Kana misinterprets Yuki’s tears and Yume’s cooking, as well as the reaction from everyone. It’s a sweet little episode where our loli-moe-blob worried heroine tries her very best to sooth the situation.

In the process, she thinks about loneliness, love loss and all that important stuff.

The only interest hint of something more looming in the horizon is Kana’s sullen expression during the when the gang plays with fireworks. Another seemingly hint occurs at the end of the episode, where it is gloomy during sunrise hours. But that quickly goes away.

Charming antics and little bit of heart warming moments. Of course for you fans of lolis for a purer moment, this episode delivers just that.

Warning: contains Industrial Strength Moe moments.

Of course the entire scenario about Kana joining a group of females and hang around2 other lolis is boring but hey, watch this really helps to put you to sleep!

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