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Kanamemo 08 – good small time drama

I think I like Kanamemo because of its smallness in dramatic scale. I’m not talking about a deficiancy in plot or anything; I’m talking about having tender, heart warming moments without overblown antics.

Kana, the main character, often does something or says something at the beginning of the each episode and an intimate plot is unfolded, revolving around the women at Fushinn News Agency.

Today’s episode is probablly one of the most dramatic one so far. Kana falls out of the tree because she follows the cat’s (Bunta) lead, remembering her grandmother’s saying that cats know the cool places to rest during hot days. Of course, the unavoidable fan service happens and Haruka gets her way (insert your own lolicon joke here).

Our resident twintail tsundere who runs the agency scolds her a little; however, as everyone is so good natured and starts conversing, Saki, the resident twintail, is embarrassed and seemingly retires for the night.

A wonderful small drama unfolds as Hinata recalls the great snowstorm last spring…

In the story, Marinmo, who no longer works at the agency, is lost again. The situation looks really bad and it looks like she is in an accident. But as the only person who can peel Saki’s tsun-tsun casing off, she ends up drawing out Saki’s dere-dere side.

Maybe you won’t ever watch this show but for the sake of keeping the central element unspoiled, I think I’ll just say this: the drama was simple, unforced, unhurried, and really makes one go: ahh. All in less than 30 minutes. The storyteller even leaves you with a small sense of regret at the end.

All in all, a nice episode. For all the lolicons who have access to this show, yes, you will be rewarded once more.

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