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Kanamemo 07 – More cutesy

It’s another day at the newspaper agency. However, today there is no newspaper being delivered because it’s a day off.

Kana misses her grandmother, and because it’s the Japanese O-bon festival season, she wants to celebrate the death in remembrance (or something similar)

More cuteness ensues and for yuri lovers, Yumi and Yuki make out in bed, in the park and in the dressing room. Oh, did I mention that they get to put their yukata on? But for the naughty bits, you’ll probably have to wait for DVD, yer drooling lolicons!

Kana bumps into someone, and a loli version of possibly her grandmother’s spirit shows up. She spends time with the loli, and well,

Everyone has a nice day, and Kana brings us more healing and warmth. End of episode.

Hey, it’s wonderful enough and offers no need to deep contemplation. I like it.

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