Kampfer 01 – Thank god for no dick girls

Reading about the concept I went “uh-oh, I hope not.” Thank God it was not. Of course, being the first episode, I wasn’t too terribly impressed. However, for something that didn’t sound so great, it managed to keep a good pace, having quirky characters, and I could hear the seiyuu working their asses off to make sure this would be a hit.

We have a guy who somehow gets turn into a girl/Kampfer even though supposedly only girls can turn into Kampfer. Then we have some really Otaku reference about Gundam mecha and even a well-known seiyuu who hasn’t gotten any significant roles that I know of in recent seasons. Then chaos ensues.

An interesting twist in Magical girl genre, perhaps? With Mai-Hime-like scenario waiting ahead for us? Who knows? But for now, the first eps wasn’t epic for me.

The dolls were funny and I guess it’s obvious that there is a good reason they’re all torn with insides out. It is a show that makes fun of the magical girl concept after all.

7 thoughts on “Kampfer 01 – Thank god for no dick girls

    1. You watched it sober; I watched it drunk. It sucks trying to look deeply into something when drinking! Good job on your article, though.

  1. Another series dedicated to fans of fansservice. I didn’t like the first episode at all. The presentation felt a bit plain and most things seems to occur randomly…

    But what did I expect? >.<

    1. @ Thai Nguyen – That seems to be the issue this season – fan service dressed up as something with solid substance. That said, it had great gun fighting animation sequence, so that’s a plus. Other than that, unless you read deeply into the show, there doesn’t seem to be much else special or significant.

  2. ugh i hate these guys they are to dense that i want to kill him -.- be a freakin guy and do all the things we dreamed of!!! xD

    1. Those shows sure love to tease us. But if they really get it on, the show’s over! But you know, for something that delivers the goods, try Sekon no Qwaser or KissXsis.

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