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Kamen no Maid Guy – how much sadistic pleasure can an Otaku enjoy?

Plenty, since it’s about a big breasted teenage girl getting her life messed up by some warrior guy who’s acting as a servant/maid…”My service has nothing to do with your condition (needs)!”

In this episodes, she loses all her dignity as her secret longing for love becomes public as maid guy reveals all her magazines and books on how to seek love; as maid guy constructing a secret chamber of love so Naeka can be with her secret admirer – a meganeko…

YURI! YURI! YURI for Men to watch!

I almost pissed my pants laughing at every discovery that the maid guy takes of Naeka and as Naeka’s privacy and her dignity passes away.

Forget not intruding, how about being absolutely intrusive and even rushing the process?

You gotta love the maid guy character; he can fight, he’s stealthy, he can cook up a witch’s brew, he can construct a love shack (and a gorgeous and luxurious shack at that)…

And he can wash a teenage girl’s titanic bra and make it clean.

I’m perfectly sure in the doujin artists’ creative imaginations, Naeka has had sex with maid guy (with whatever devices imaginable and unimaginable available) a gadzillion times. Scary. But the show is funny.

Ku ku ku…Let me serve you, master…

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