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Hayate no Gotoku S2 019 – Gunbuster!!!

Yes, there is a first part where it makes fun of Yugioh…Yeah, sorry young whippersnappers, that’s not my interest, so moving on as the ’80’s remnant old fart…

WOW! Tanaka Rie I mean Maria is singing Gunbuter’s I mean Sakai Noriko’s song from Gunbuster OVA episode 05? Simply awesome.

Yes, as those of us who’re familiar with the Japanese act of smacking and picking on someone who does something out of ordinary, we are tempted to smack her and utter: “God damn, that’s so 80’s! Gunbuster has been off the TV for 20 years!”

But of course…of course, for those of us Asian folks who actually miss the 80’s (read: ONLY ME), there’s something great about this episode, simply because somebody remembered GUNBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! DOUBLUUUUUUUUU INZAZUMAAAAAAAAAAA KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

Uh yeah, the rest of the episode were funny for me.


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