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Gunslinger Girl II Ep 3 – finally some improvements coming to sight

Yeah, yeah, OK, so it’s better than episode one.

We have Triela reading the story of Pinocchio; we have she being traumatized and wondering about her life, and we have decent gun fighting sequence and fighting sequence.

I’m sure many others said something about this episode already. All I’ve gotta say is – KEEP THIS UP, PLEASE.

But nothing will save the OP and the ED song. And NOTHING will save the seiyuu’s voices. The blushing part of Triela looks so high school anime drama. What, now she’s a tsundere?

Ikari “Mike” Gendo shall drool!

But, thank god the dramatic factor is now up! Now I can kind of looking forward to episode 4. But  cut that moe from Gunslinger Girl!!!!!!

(Crossing my fingers…)

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