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Gundam 00 ep1 – unlike most of you, I was impressed.

Check it out, the characters actually acknowledge their hypocrisy! It’s like people in Gundam Wing actually wake up and say, “hey look, we’re starting to war to end a war??? As in, we’re fighting to stop fighting? What type of fucking idiom is that?”

That, my friends, was enough to impress me.

I didn’t like the beginning sequences of this show just like I didn’t like the beginning of Gundam Wing – I hate terrorists and terror tactics. I rather like large organizations and orders in anime world. I love to see large groups clash and many casualties as result, and I really hate when some young punks come in and trying to ruin everything.

Setsuna F. Seiei, with Gundam Exia, is that punk.

Somebody remarked that first episode is like battle sequences in FMP meets something else and I think that’s true. Despite what it tries to do, the first episode doesn’t feel as epic to me as something like Gundam Seed and the classic Gundam.

The first episode of Classic Gundam begins with something harrowing.

Gundam 00 begins with the “cool rebels” element that teenagers like, but at least it takes a step in the right direction – people realizing how much contradictory their actions are.

I could go on with the mecha but the only thing I want to say is – BIG GUNSSSSSSAAAA!!!

One BFG to take out one little enemy mecha is fucking over done, but hey, what better way to slaughter European terrorists! I mean, that other terrorist group (other than the folks from CB) that tried to attack China’s…I mean, the “New Human Union’s” space station is from the AEU, the Advanced European Union (read: the Aryan Earth Union), with Europeans at the center, right???

For my Chinese heritage, down with European imperialism! Nice shot from the BFG!

So many people have blogged about this one, so I’m cutting this one short.

82% recommended for your daily anime diet. And screw Code Gayass style story telling. But give me that big boobed girl in the shower that Lelouch sees when he tries his Code mojo (unfortunate not on her).

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