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Gundam 00 ep 05 – a Newtype rip off, a psychopath, and who will inherit Char’s mask?

I think I’m impressed.

Who would’ve guessed that Allellujah Haptism has a split personality so much like the Newtypes, or rather, the artificial Newtypes developed by Murasame Research Institute in Zeta?

It’s very clear who’s the product of the “Newtype research”, and she gets…well, a pink “Zaku”, not quite red. But hey, there’s a mask…Just not very distinctive.

This episode has quite a few references. One of them is the sensory thing that Newtypes have when near each other. Another one is Gundam and Zaku saving something and preventing it from falling unto Earth.

I’m very intrigued that they would actually pull some classic Gundam references out of their hat. Gundam Kyrios kind of remind me of Zeta Gundam.

Other than that, as most of you probably have already seen, this episode doesn’t do that much. One interesting thing we get to learn is that Haptism has a very dark past and something akin to the nano-machines inside the lieutenant who pilots the pink Zaku, and somehow they’ll be connected.

CB help saving people…Is that surprising? I don’t know. All I know is that this episode makes the whole series that much more intriguing.

The verdict is still out that who will wear a mask and become the arch enemy of Setsuna.

For the US audience, I think the creators of this one read Michael Moore’s books. But hey, I got a lot of dough during Clinton era, so I’m all for it (again, the president dude looks like good ol’ Bill).

90% recommended.

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