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Genshiken s2 ep6 – Banzai, Tsundere goth loli, banzai!

Or at least that’s what I imagine some of you would say.

Ogiue’s comedic performance in this episode is pure gold, just pure gold. The fun part is that she can’t help being who she is, but she tries so freaking hard to deny that. That’s just like tsundere in a way; tsundere obviously are in love with the main male characters, but they always deny it so vehemently.  Here, Ogiue is obviously in love with yaoi, especially the healing type of yaoi, but she gets put into the imagination of some hardcore otaku men.

Remember Ogiue said in the OVA that she hates Otaku men? Remember how the thought of what they like disgusts her? Well, she gets to stand next to them and listen to them picturing her in a goth loli costume being an tsundere who’s really sexually hungry inside! How do women feel about being fantasized I don’t know, but actually standing there listening to men talking about you like a fantasy character in a eroge???

I can’t even begin to imagine.

The funnier thing is she really wants to be with her peeps, but she has to endure her peeps talking about her…Well, no better way to put this, sexually. If this were the States, she’d jump out and wanting to sue all these guys, and we’d all be saddened to see these guys having to pay for damages and possibly in jail (I haven’t been back for sometime so I don’t really know)…Well, I would be sad when real life bleeds too much into anime. Of course I won’t be talking about this stuff in public in real life, as for in private…

Let’s just say in my circle, we do not share our sexual fantasies at all. After all, we’re a bunch of tight-ass Asian Americans. Now, other Asian Americans may do something completely different from us.

In any case, Mizubashi Kaori is doing her job extremely well. She plays Ogiue in “real” life in one second,  and then as the fantasy tsundere goth loli the next, and then one of the funniest scene comes. Then all of a sudden…

“Oppai Missiles!”

Remember Kawasumi Ayako, the seiyuu as Ono, said that in Mahoromatic? Once again, the Oppai missiles save the day, and peels a layer of mask off Ogiue’s face.

She runs away with the speed of Yukino from Kare Kano. But nobody bothers to chase her down.

She’ll be back. She’s one of us.

I think we all know that, and that’s precisely what makes a tsundere so cute and so adorable…MY GOD that tsundereness…

Oh wait, that’s Mike’s line!

95% recommended because I’m freakin biased.  Actually, now even I’m starting to get converted to the power of the tsudere side. But I’m still mostly an oneesan with Oppai missiles type of guy. So, dear readers, what type are you?

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