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Genshiken s2 ep5 – the jacking off fantasy for…

YAOI FANGIRLS! OF COURSE (refraining himself from puking and choking on his vomit laughing at the same time)!

Well, you know these guys in Genshiken aren’t exactly doctors of love, but in the mind of a hyper imaginative female Otaku they sure know how to do each other in the asses. XD

Mizubashi Kaori, who plays Ogiue here, does an awesome voice act of a yaoi-con female Otaku dying to come out of the closet. It’s especially funny because Ogiue has such a poker face outside but is really devious inside when it comes to pairing up men.

This episode takes up Ogiue’s parts and kick them up to notches unknown. The result is a super funny episode that makes the male Otaku (me) laughing their asses to death and the female Otaku (maybe you)…well, laughing their asses to death, too.

Ogiue is turning into an awesome character, much better than Mr. Nice Guy Sasahara. Those who read the manga know what I’m implying.

You know, the thought just occurred to me that the ladies in Genshiken are the funny factors here, not the men.

A few interesting character dynamic to note: 1. Sasahara is often quite close to Madarame. 2. Ogiue is noticing Sasahara after all.

(Resumes puking and laughing)

We as Otaku, or what we would like ourselves to be called simply don’t understand how degrading a term like that is for the Japanese. But after watching the fantasy that goes on inside Ogiue’s head, I can see why the Japanese would actually have such a fear and loathing for this term. After all, things that go on in Otaku’s head are often very, extremely, hyper…


(Puking as Sasahara moans. Wanting to turn of the show but can’t stop laughing.)

The cheesy drama within the drama has all the guys in Genshiken playing a scene not uncommon from any daytime soap in just about any country, except…


I can see what yaoi fans would say to me, though. Well, now you know how we feel when we see some of the male oriented doujinshi.

Yes, but girls on girls are hot!

Your point being?

I think the best thing if you haven’t seen this episode is to watch it, and if you have watched it a few times, watch it a few more times. It has all the stereotypes in yaoi ( I only guessed!)

For a pure Otaku comedy value in my opinion, 98% recommended for your daily anime diet. For non Otaku, 77%.

I’m severely tempted to ask yaoi fans if this episode is considered tasteful (read: very mild) for their tastes.

P.S. one fanservice shot for men spotted (oohoo!) A really sexed up Saki-chan in Chinese dress! It’s a great neutralizer for us men!

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