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El Cazador 17 – Nadi, skilled or lucky? A filler ep for us.

So far I have trouble determining if Nadi is a good gunfighter/bounty hunter, or if she’s just plain lucky.

In the previous ep, we see that Nadi often misses the heat of the action – she sometimes trips and falls, gets knocked out by insignificant opponents like the gay partners (who?), gets tangled up in a tapestry, misses her shots completely, and other goofy things.

I know it’s unfair to compare her with Mireille, Kirika (definitely unfair), or Madlax (who’s like invincible), but I mean, I don’t know. I’m still stuck on the theme of the trilogy. Silly me.

In this ep, while she tries to hunt for a bounty-hunting target (finally! No more not-sexy taco waitress uniforms!) she slipped and fell, and thus avoiding that bullet to the head.

Gosh damned lucky, if I may say so. Too lucky. It’s almost like the creator of the show doesn’t want the viewers to have to feel bad about her being hurt or even death (well, she can’t die now, she’s one half of the not-so-funny comedy duo! Aren’t we still waiting for more laughs?)

In any case, this ep is a filler. I mean, sure, we ONCE AGAIN learn that Elis cares about Nadi and vice-versa, but come on, we’ve been learning that this whole show. So, this ep doesn’t really add or subtract from that.

The plot of this ep is simple. It seems like Nadi finally listens to Elis, mine, and a great amount of viewers’ silent and perhaps vocal pleas (maybe on 2chan) and decides to go for a bounty hunting job. This time, she and Ricardo happen to pick the same target

It’s so obvious that hers and Ricardo’s fates are tangled together. We saw the develop of that back when they were at the hot springs place and we’ve been seeing that being developed almost the whole show.

Nothing major is going on here. We got to see that Jody, her short haired minion number one and Mireille-wanna-be-minion number two are still tracking Nadi and Elis’ actions. We saw that Rosenberg talks about waiting for “the prey” to come to him, and he’s rather snobby and confident that whatever he’s planning will work out just like what he planned.

Nadi does seem to have a brain. She analyzed about her target, and Elis says that she’s smart (to reinforce the idea that she’s smart on us? Who knows?). But in the previous episodes, she has said a lot of stupid stuff that just made me wonder about her. In the previous episodes, her clumsiness led her away from a lot of actions, but in this ep, it saves her. I’m just not satisfied with what happened.

All in all, a filler ep that doesn’t move the overall plot anywhere. I don’t feel like talking about LA and Elis, except that Elis takes some initiative and goes to stop LA from killing Nadi and Ricardo’s target. My question is why LA is even there in the first p lace and is trying to whack the target? What for? That’s never explained. It looks like to me that he’s just happens to be there to do the guy in. Bleh. Whatever.

70% recommended for your daily anime diet for a small amount of action and I guess accurate portrayal of South American daily life (the market scene and the rich neighborhood), but nothing else worth mentioning.

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