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Durarara! 5 – You only need One Key

Maybe I’m being Mr. Obvious. Maybe it’s a “duh”. But I got a very strong sense after watching 5 episodes. And yes, that means I believe there is only one connection among all these seemingly random people.

We get hints that during each episode, and a give-away during in the ED eyecatcher. However, with that said, the story flow, the character interaction and the subconscious factors help the audience to realize that there really is only one key to the whole story. Even without the eyecatcher at the end, I believe viewers can get a sense of that connection. On the other hand, small hints are dropped in difference places that affirms our suspicion – that everything and every character in this show are linked by one thing. That’s right, one thing. Not two, three, or four. There seem to be many subplots following the individuals and/or factions, but unlike other stories, which often creates 3 or 4 or more plotlines surrounding each person or at least each faction, there is only one plotline; one current under the rushing streams of things in Ikekuburo.

I think I will stop here. I know all of our readers and the rest of our writers are much smarter than I am, and I will leave the mystery up to y’all to reflect and solve. I will only say that I’ll continue on the journey following Mikado, and I may write a series review only after I’ve watched everything. In the meantime, please follow Matt’s coverage and his quest to solve this mystery.

Additional Notes: There is a super funny punchline near the very beginning of the episode. Do not miss it!

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