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Detroit Metal City 7 – Wow, he’s me!!! (Krauser III)

(Disclaimer: the comedy bits below do not represent anything, including thoughts, actions, believes, feeling,s emotions, political view, and everything else in real life. Please do not take it seriously!)

Oh yeah baby, even the Tokyo Tower is a bitch going down on me!

My death penis will take this bitch in and make Roppangi Hills our demon child!

Shit, man! How can Aikawa go out with that fucking pussy (cat) fashion designer? How can she just laugh and enjoy herself so much? That ho!




Actually, you know, now I’m shocked how much Negishi is like me sometimes, it makes me think.

I mean, he’s definitely paranoid and not too smart about relationships. Then again,

he’s like a guy from my state – where I come from, if you don’t like someone you don’t go out with him alone, otherwise people would suspect that you’re dating him.

In any case, do steel and concrete make you horny baby? Do they?

I’ve gotta admit, I’d be pretty happy if my fan is willing to sacrifice his part time job, which he probably needs to sustain his livelihood, just to be nice to me. I think I would be touched…

(Disclaimer: the above comedy bits are inspired by Detroit Metal City, a Japanese anime/manga that does not depict anything in real life in any way, shape, form, or whatever. The views of Raymond Hu doesn’t necessarily represent the views of those at Anime Diet. Please be advised.)

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