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Darker Than Black II, Episode 1


It’s back!

This is one of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen. The art and the choreography are downright enchanting. The very first scene captures the beauty of watching falling stars and then the fury of one landing right on top of the campers. The character designs are the same style as the first season and seem more mature to me then most anime. They are both aesthetically pleasing and seem capable of the amazing feats we know and love.

As we watch this first episode we see the importance of movement.   In one scene a fast character impales himself on rain, which sounds as ridiculous and awesome as it is. We are treated to the dancelike violence that appeared in the first season.

He is as happy as I am about Darker than Black being back.

A weakness in this episode is the establishment of emotions and the human element. Frankly what the two blond kids do is very uninteresting. Highlighting the stark change from awkward teen to merciless killing machine is not that interesting. Well, it could be interesting, but it happens so quickly in the show as to be a distraction. The relationship between the twins will be interesting to explore and that is why they are taking a longer time to flesh it out.

As a note, bugs in winter is a crappy power unless the bugs are stripping the flesh from her former boyfriend. Last season we were treated to the violent immolation of loved ones and this season has no reason to hold back.

The sudden realization this will not end well.

As for Hei, he does not pop up until the end of the show. Also April makes an appearance but she appears not to have a long run in this season. The end is a tease that creates the desire to see what happens in the next season? Hei looks dirty and kind of crazy now. I am looking forward to a grizzled veteran who plays by his own rules.

This episode has me excited for the rest of the show. If you enjoyed last season I will bet you will enjoy this season.

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