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Dance in the Vampire Bund 6 – Drama

Finally, some good stuff. Is the manga even better? If it is, I want to purchase a copy.

Also, finally, the modified Shinboism is working.

(Note: I’ve stopped treating this show as the supposed mega hit of the season. Instead, I now see it as any other show)

It kinda sucks that Miha, the vampire guardian who can ikkitousen (defeat a thousand by herself) with candy, has to do give the talk for Akira to finally get it. But once that catalyst is added, he gets going. Or maybe, he suspected from the very beginning that something doesn’t add up and having Miha confirming his dark doubts really helps.

We also realize that yeah, Mina will do whatever is necessary to get her way, like a queen with vengeance. So for whoever that didn’t read the manga and thinking, nah, she ain’t gonna do nothing bad to the kid, well, I was just as disappointed as you. Then again, is becoming a vampire a bad thing in the story’s universe?

For now, that seems to be the case. Once you go over to the power of the dark side, you’re tempted to use it and pick on the weak. You’d even think that you’re superhuman. We all know what that sentiment has achieved throughout history. The result is often less than good.

I kind of thought that Mina’s the seiyuu’s voice cracked during the argument between Mina and Akira. But I liked the tension there.

That said, there is one thing in this episode that makes me go face-palm.

The students that stayed in the church are stupid enough to open the door. Oh boy. It’s like in the classic slasher films that the heroine is always smart enough to actually go investigate what’s going on. While that’s necessary for the thrill to happen, too many of these and it gets really tiring. That’s why so many films were made to make fun of that standard plot. Goddamn it, that made the end of this episode so stupid.

One last thing, if the vice president of the student council isn’t one of the bad guys, I will eat my cyberwords. But shit, he’s got to be one of them. Just a different type of monster that can’t be detected via vampire means.

Add some outstanding shinboism and this episode worked for me!

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