Crime Edge 4, Inoue Kikuko as Snack’s Mama, jazz pianist!


The Severing Crime Edge episode 4 now is having Inoue Kikuko (aka Onee-chan) as Mama of Velvet, a snack bar! Snack Bar, or just “snack” in Japanese, is a type of bar where the female owner, so called “Mama,” is going to have conversation with you. And then, you can sing karaoke if you want. Mama is a jukujo, or more likely, bimajo! And she plays jazz piano!


There are basically four major services in Japan that customers can enjoy female conversation at a bar: Snack, club, lounge, and kyabakura.

  1. Snack usually only serves alcohol at a counter, and it’s pretty cozy. So, you sit on a stool, and Mama and her young staff will talk to you over the counter. Mama, the snack owner, is relatively older.
  2. Club has tables and sofas where good looking young girls with sexy outfit will serve you drinks and sit next to you and have flirtatious conversation. Yes, this is more like companionship. But it is only for the high-end customers, they only accept new clients by the introductions of the existing clients. So, people can’t just go in. So, it’s only opened for VIPs like business leaders, politicians, diplomats, lawyers, doctors, lobbyists, and so on. And it’s super expensive, so proletarians can never afford. It’s exclusive.
  3. Lounge, contrary to club, it’s open to ordinary salarymen. So, this is more for the mass.
  4. Kyabakura is probably the most famous type of bar in Japan. Kyabakura (cabaret + club) is basically the same with club/rounge. Girls are assigned to certain tables and they rotate until the customer finds his favorite girl. Then, he chooses the girl. Then, he becomes a repeater, and if it goes well, he can even date her outside the bar. Oh yes, so it’s basically dating service, mostly inside the bar. Yes, 3D dating sim. But the difference is that Kyabakura is based on an hourly rate. So the more you stay, the more you have to pay, while at club, lounge, or snack, you can sit as long as you want until the bar closes, so you don’t need to go home early to avoid the accumulating bill.


So, Onee-chan plays Mama at a snack bar. And she is a jazz pianist! So, her bar has a piano, and Mama herself performs piano for customers. Wow, that’s really awesome. The best service I can ever get! Reminds me of Sakamichi No Apollon. That is the sexiest character I can ever find. A woman with piano skill, especially jazz or bossa nova, is just amazing. You know, even if the girl doesn’t look that pretty, if she plays piano, I would fall to her. Ahh, I want to go to this snack bar!

Bimajo and loli! Incredible combination!

I’ve been to maid cafe, but they only do janken pon. They don’t sit next to you and flirt. They don’t date you in the first place. Maid cafe is not a dating sim. So, I need to go to Kyabakura. But which is better? Buy Nintendo DS and play Love Plus? Or go to kyabakura? Of course, Nintendo DS is far more affordable than Kyabakura. For freeter, NEET, hikky, or otaku, definitely Love Plus is better. So, I’ll go for 2D dating sim rather than 3D dating sim.

Bimajo fondles loli’s hair. Kimashiii!?

But if I have dinero, I would go to this snack bar every night. Ahh, how beautiful jazz piano is…with Kikuko’s voice, romantic jazz tune, a sense of evanescence, kind of Rahxephonish, yes, totally saudade! And that certain mood of an adult woman, yes, Mama is a bimajo with jazz piano skill. I totally fall in love with her…with that kyonyuu (large oppai) too. What is the name of this song anyway? Anyone has any idea? I so wanna know! So, I can check out my Real Book.

Anyway, here’s a rough chord progression of that jazz piece she was playing:

Cm7   D7(b9)   Gm7    C9

Cm7   A7   DM7

Cm7    D7(b9)  Gm7  Abdim

EbM7   D7(b13) D7    AbM7

Am7    Dsus4    D7    Bm7    Esus4  Em7

AM7    B7(b13)   B7  Em9

AM7    Dsus4     D7   Bm7    Esus4   Em7

EbM7      F#       Gm7      C7(b9)  C7(#9)  C7 (b9)

Bbm9     Abm9    F#m9    Em9    Ebm9

I wish I could play piano. But I wasn’t a bourgeois kid, so I couldn’t afford any piano lesson. If I could, I would have been playing jazz piano to Iwai-chan right now!

Iwai-chan, kawaii!!!

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  1. エイエンノジウナナサイ!サイコウ!でも、このわたくし、ずど、10歳ですよ。

    1. 10歳、ショタですね!!!ショタコンの美魔女が存在すれば最高ですね!「お姉さん、保健体育教えて下さい」って。喜久子さんはショタなのかな?

  2. Still waiting for gendomike to comment, since he knows pretty well about jazz, wondering which jazz standard number Kikuko was playing in this episode.

    1. It doesn’t actually sound like a standard to my ears. Or at least I couldn’t recognize the melody right off the bat, and other bloggers don’t seem to recognize it either. They’d probably name it in the show itself if it was one—a character would probably say it. Sorry I couldn’t answer the question better!

      1. Oh, I see. So, it may be just a OST then. I didn’t see any song title mentioned in the credit too. Anyway, thanks for your input!

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