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Code Geass R2, Episode 4: Tying the Gordian Knot

Lelouch is a complete dick and no one knows about it but him.

It is getting hard to tell if Lelouch has any decency at all, or if he is just looking for another game to play. His manipulation of Rolo sure was classy. Lelouch also politely informs us that his end goal is to discard Rolo after using him. What kind of world is he really creating for his sister? With all of the terrible things Lelouch has done, it would be interesting to see the toll this is taking on his idealism. Kinda like how Light from Death Note thought that Kira was bad but when he had his memories he “knew” the righteousness of his actions. Does Lelouch struggle with how he uses people, and how does he know he will not just use Nunnally when she comes back?

One thing that is going to get hard to keep enjoying is watching how he gets out of these crazy situations. We all know he is going to geass some poor schmuck and they are going to do something that ruins the opposition. How long is this going to go on? I am now less and less surprised when he pulls something out of his hat like this. I hope they are able to do something that is interesting and not just a series of stronger and stronger enemies. The series could devolve into the DBZ pattern of stronger enemies, except that Lelouch will always have an increasingly crazy ass plan to save himself.

The main reason I keep coming back is because I love the action. This episode is not lacking there, and even includes the whole turning-a-random-object-into-a-skateboard routine. As a giant robot fan, it’s fun to see them tumbling down. I can’t help but wonder why they build their streets on platforms that fall over. I guess it adds some deus ex machina to a show that is built up around wildly improbable events. This show is still fun to watch but some cracks may be forming around the seams.

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