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Code Geass R2 episode 25– not bad, not bad at all.


I liked that episode. It reached that epic point that drew me in and made me forget everything around me. The post part of the episode was wrapped in a dialogue of what the various plans for the future are. They more or less are the same for both sides. Lelouch never lets anyone know his real thoughts. I kept wondering why he never explained himself to Nunnally. I think that he could have done that and she would have understood. There is the chance that she would not understand but hey I didn’t write it.

Suzaku is amazing. So it looks like he gets killed. I thought he finally got what he deserved. But then he takes on the responsibility and that is startling. Lelouch summed it up great when he stated it was a punishment. No one can know who Zero is. He can never let anyone in to see who he really is. He has to put the world before himself and constantly live for justice. He lost the ability to be selfish. That is fitting for the ass who joined the system to work within the system.

Ok so I like the ending. He made the world hate him but then he got out of it in a tricky way so I liked it. I did not expect him to sacrifice himself like that for the world. So some of you are right that he tried to get the world to hate him, but the way they ended it did not make me angry. His body sliding down was awesome. Even in the end he is a tricky bastard winning. And the ending was a nice cap to the event.

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